Peachtree City for Dummies

Peachtree City is a Special place in the country of Georgia That attracts tourists due to the vast nature trails and easy living. But mind you, this isn't driving using your normal car, but instead, on board a golf cart.

Peachtree City is widely Called a Golf Cart City as the These paved, tree-lined paths aren't only used for golf carts but also for pedestrians, cyclists, joggers and nature lovers who just like to stroll around town under the colors of trees. Residents can travel from their locality to shopping centers, parks and schools through the wooded paths, which make Peachtree City so unique.

The network of golf cart trails in Peachtree City joins All areas and provides a secondary way of access to almost any destination within the city, together with many companies providing specially designated parking spaces for golf carts, including schools which allow their students to utilize family golf carts due to limited vehicle parking spaces in school campuses.

Over 9,000 households in Peachtree City possess golfing carts. They use them as an extra vehicle for local transport. Kids 12 years old and over are allowed to drive a golf cart given they are with their parents, grandparents or guardians but people who are currently 15 years old with a valid Georgia learner's licenses can drive independently.

However, what's a golf cart without a golf program? At Peachtree City, golf enthusiasts would definitely have a Great time playing the game at the Braelinn Golf Club, Flat Creek Country Club and in Planterra Ridge Golf Club.

Membership to those world-class golf clubs gives all Members accessibility to 81 holes of great golf and a listing of amenities that include tennis courts, pools, dining venues, event rooms, practice centers and tournament planning.

Apart from these, the clubs also offer golf education, Leagues and tournaments, in addition to a selection of events, from holiday brunches and dining customs to golf clinics, kids' events and more.

All three golf clubs are part of the ClubCorp family, a Network of over 300 owned, operated and alliance personal clubs that provides an unrivaled choice of programming and events.

And bustle of bigger and industrialized urban facilities, Peachtree City is the only place to move. It is where you can discover how much better life can be at 15 mph.

Peachtree City has been continually named as one of the Top 10 places to live in the United States from CNN/Money Magazine.

Peachtree City, GA

Peachtree City is The greatest city in Fayette County, Georgia, that's known as a golf cart city on account of the 90-mile community of golf-cart paths that wind through greenbelts and about its three lakes -- Lake Kedron, Lake Peachtree and Lake McIntosh.

Situated in South Metro Atlanta And in the western part of Fayette County, Peachtree City is where Southern hospitality and charm satisfies resort-style alive, busy lifestyles, relaxation and leisure. It was named in 2009 as the "8th Best Small Town to Live" by Money magazine and at 2005 and 2009, the town was ranked 8th in CNN/Money and Cash magazine's list of "100 Best Places to Reside in the United States". It was also contained in the Top 25 Cities to Relocate in 2011 from Relocate America and rated No. 1 in 2012 as one of the "Best Places to Raise Kids" in the state of Georgia, according to Bloomberg Business Week.

Peachtree City boasts of luxury resorts, premiere Shopping, dining destinations and world-class conference centre accommodations, which makes it the most-preferred places to visit by tourists.

Shopping and tasty dining spots, there are many ways to enjoy your stay in Peachtree City without spending a lot. It is possible to follow through the town's golf cart paths which are ideal not more info just for golf carts but also for cyclists, dog walkers and joggers. Or enjoy the great outdoors in the company of family and friends at Line Creek / Flat Creek Nature Preserves, that is made up of over 100 acres of gorgeous land combining habitats such as an upland woods, granite outcroppings and a flowing river.

You can go fishing in Line Creek / Flat Creek, swim at the Fresh water or wander through a few miles of nature trails inside the area.

Only place to visit. Geocaching is a real-world treasure hunt that uses GPS-enabled devices. The target of the game is to locate "treasures," which are usually small and hidden items that are referred to as "caches," with clues and coordinates left behind by the individual that hid them. Over 300 Geocaches have been discreetly hidden around Peachtree City, that has been listed by Rand McNally as one of the very best areas in the United States for geocaching.

Besides these, You May Also attend events and Festivals that provide a fantastic avenue for meeting other people while at Peachtree City, or visit vintage aircrafts in the Commemorative Air Force Dixie Wing WWII Aircraft Museum, located near Falcon Field Regional Airport.

Grab the chance to touch and see a little piece of American history at the museum and also be informed of Peachtree City's rich past.

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